Friday, June 13, 2008


Since I don't know how to sue Apple, I am writing this post instead. Maybe it will make me feel less MAD.

I bought a Apple Macbook 2 months ago and did not really expect it to crash in its second month of use. But it did. When I called tech support instead of first telling me what could be possibly wrong, this is what I was told "your warranty has expired. If you want support via phone you have two options, get a one time deal for $49 or a 3 yr something for 250$." When I stressed that I was still in the warranty period and I would just go to a store if he was going to be such as asshole on phone the agent did the only helpful thing.. gave me an appointment with a "genius".

When I reached the store the "genius" stared at my blank screen, peered down its sides and put his ear to it and then sadly shrugged. He said he could not understand why my mac refused to start up, I would have to leave it for them to ship off and I should check back in a week or so. He also, very matter-of-factly, informed me that it was probably my hard drive. When I went hysterical (realizing that I had just finished reading 5 Foucaults and summarizing them in my most brilliant chapter yet), and was somewhere between throwing up or leaning forward and punching him he started talking to my partner instead (Why deal with a hysterical women at all, just ognore her).

When I pointed out to Mr Genius that my work was all I had, he was most dismissive and said "If your work is that important you should back it up every hour". However techno unsavvy I may be, I do back up.. but every week since APPLE macs with their fancy time machines and what not promise to be so reliable. Mr genius sneered and informed me that technology is technology and I should back up EVERY day and every hour if necessary. No sympathy, no help.

I am so pissed off at APPLE and the fucking money making racket that they are running that I could just burn the whole store down. For every query I was just told (both on phone and at the store) how much extra I would have to pay. If you want us to fix it fast, join pro care for 100 extra $. If you want us to try and save your existing data (which ANY tech support should do in any case) you have to pay us $50. We cannot assure you anything, we cannot tell you what the problem is, nor are we at all apologetic that a computer which you spent $1600 to purchase just two months ago crashed on you.

This is what happens if you let one assholic company rule your lives. I love you my Dell. Why the hell did I ever switch loyalties. BAH GAH GOO PAH,, BLAAARGH

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SWF seeking LOVE

Had to kill some time and was browsing through some "free" stuff on Craigslist when I noticed that they have a column called "women seeking men".. so I peeked in. Somehow the ads there did not make me laugh, they just made me feel super sad.

Here is one:
I am divorcee just out of an abusive relationship so please don't treat me like shit.

And another:
I am a very giving,and loving woman,needing the same,and won't settle for anything less.I am a homebody,hard worker,and very simple,not high maintainance.
Just looking for love...........

Boo hoo. I know I am being a softy, or perhaps I am just sleep deprived. But heck I expected to be rolling over the floor looking at all kind of raunchy sex messages not find lonely abused people sending out help messages. BAH. What a depressing way to start a happy day... (oh ya I am getting married for the second time in 6 months. This time it's ust a small affair!)

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