Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gurgaon Shootout

Two 14 year old boys shot their classmate dead in a school in Gurgaon yesterday. I know the newspapers tomorrow will be flooded with pseudo- sociological analyses and opinion polls on Who should be blamed for the shootout. The media for its celebration of violence? The US for being a role model for us poor developing worlders? Rang de Basanti? Video Games? Childhood Anxieties? Why THE GUN as the weapon to "teach the child bully a lesson".. Aren't children supposed to punch other children on their nose or such stuff when they get mad? What makes a 14 year old draw out a gun to save the world from a horrible bully? That too plan it in advance with a friend and confess proudly? OUCH it's just crazy. Much worse than crazy but I don't have the vocabulary right now...

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