Friday, January 16, 2009

Gaza on my mind

I've been trying to keep up with the media coverage of the genocide in Gaza. And while many newspapers give a one-sided watered down version of the real story, the American media coverage is particularly outrageous (No surprises there).

The newspapers might shove it into one column, or worse still, forget about it totally. But the fact is that more than 1000 people have already been killed and over 5000 injured, over 300 children. Imagine that : FIVE THOUSAND PEOPLE. Why
do the same number of people killed, matter so so much more when they are in any other part of the world? Why is most of the world getting back to stories that seem much more 'real'? And imagine this: when some of these 5000 people try to escape they are shot at by security forces at the (Egypt) border. When the wounded are taken to a hospital, the hospital gets bombed. When families try to shelter their children in a UN school, the school gets bombed. And when they are counted, checked and ID-d by the Israeli military and pronounced "not terrorists", and kept in a separate building, that building gets bombed. With
phosphorous bombs which burn till the bones and cannot be put out with water.

A few friends are trying to keep the horrific images of Gaza alive in our minds. So that we continue to feel OUTRAGED. So that our sense of complacency about the anonymity of Palestinians, the invisibility of their suffering, and the meaninglessness of their deaths is disrupted. At least for now. I am attaching some links to images from Gaza. Images that most of us DO NOT see when we read our newspaper in the morning.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

What is Gaza, a friend asks...

A mosque gets bombed
A school building collapses
A leader gets killed
Two nameless girls with their donkey carts lie dead
On the streets of Gaza
The count goes up to Three Hundred and Fifty
Now to Four Hundred
Day One, Day two and Day Three
Slowly the news, the outrage and the debates move
From page one to Page three

Perhaps the bombing will stop tonight.
For now.
The Presidents will hang up their phones
Thank God that they didn't have to catch that flight to Cairo
To sign another draft, pass another resolution
Fight over another missing word
Argue over who to blame first.
The newspapers will move on to stories that seem more real
About crashing stock markets and
Presidents on Hawaiian beaches.

Our sense of complacency will return
About the anonymity of Palestinians
The invisibility of those suffering
And the meaninglessness of their deaths.
Till another big bombing
Another Three Hundred and Fifty dead.

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