Saturday, March 31, 2007

Here goes the sun...

Boy is singing along with some Led zep and for some odd reason that makes me feel very happy. Maybe because i've always imagined living with a person who shares my taste in music and won't get too attached to KKKG or Himesh whatshisname nasal and tone-deaf type music. So I beamed at him while he washed the dishes yelling Baby Baby Baabayy...

The week just flew by. Almost didn't have enough time to recover from the spring break. This Phd discipline thing seem snot to be working for me suddenly. I had planned to defend the comps before Ma Baba's trip. can't see how that's going to be possible with all the breaks I take "nurse sick boyfriend" break, "eat and get drunk with sister", "rainforest" and now "recover from rainforest" break. The details will have to be posted on the travel blog but all that remains of my trip are the 200 pictures, a severely burnt forehead and legs full of fire-ant bites. But you bet it was all worth it!

Now that we are back to the not-so-springy spring of New England we've been missing the scorching sun and blue blue Carribean waters. Both of us suddenly got all serious and long-termish today morning while getting blown away by the "warm" Boston winds and decided that by end of this year we will think of our next (warmer) destination...

Gotto learn some Spanish for that. All I know of the language at the moment cannot be mentioned in a family blog and would not be of much use in any country (unless I was a gangster involved in a shoot out). Was trying to pick up some quick lingo in Puerto Rico but all I could manage without going wrong was an occasional si and a few puta (joking!). I did confidently call an old old man amigo, then got all mumbly after he rapid fired some enadearing spanish (I hope they were endearing) at me...
So that's my goal for the summers. To go beyond si, padre, madre and gorda padre.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pop-a-pill why don't ya?

The boy has pneumonia (I named it Moni since the longer version sounds too scary and is too hard to spell, I feel like Nemo... nemenemenomia). To cut to the chase, the boy had moni and I was terrified. He doesn't have too much of flesh to spare in any case so it makes it worse when he loses pounds. Ofcourse, add to that my usual suspicion about doctors. They MUST have diagnosed him wrong.

I don't know where I get that trait from. Most people I know have that undying unwavering trust in daktar sahibs. Doc says you need to quit smoking, throw the smokes out of the window (that kind of trust, ofcourse, is good for you). But then doc says you need to get stitches when all you have is a scratch, you give in. Doc says take 500 pounds of anti biotics for something which is most likely a minor sinus infection, you obediently pop pills by the dozen. And then there is me, doc says you better not run with that sprained foot and immediately I get on the treadmill!

Anyhow, the pharmaceutical industry here rules and that aggravates my suspicious nature. The most perfect nexus of politics, business and pharma can be seen in this country. Just switch on any channel and you'll know what I am talking about. I swear, in one of my really vela (nothing-to-do) days I sat and counted how many commercials were on some kind of meds. Every third one. And if you add to that slim fast yogurts and such then every second. Truly a Prozac nation.

Friday, March 02, 2007

boob or tube

Some hmmmms for you today (I feel guilty writing a longer post since I've not met my paper deadline yet!)
  • Americans spend over $14 billion dollars per year in topless clubs as compared to Hollywood estimates that they spend approximately $9 billion annually purchasing movie tickets.
  • In Naked News (a web-based news service featuring an all-female cast), the anchors read the news fully nude or strip as they present their news segments. Naked News is probably also the longest running weekly PayPerView program in history.

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