Monday, April 24, 2006

These are a few of my...

Ahh, good old Elisa Dolittle inspired me to write this happy list....

Waves crashing on rocks on a bright sunny day
Meadows with yellow purple flowers scattered on dewey grass
Splashing through puddles on a monsoon afternoon
Snowflake on my tongue
Sheep grazing
Galloping horses
A candle lit dinner for two
Chocolate cheese cake
Fall colors on trees
View of valleys and lakes from a mountain top
Chai and crumbly biscuits from a hill side dhaba
Flickering headlights on a foggy Delhi morning
Freshly painted toe nails (!)
A slender diamond ring on a slender pretty hand (heee hee)
Watching Ben hur curled up on a couch with a bag of popcorn
Singing and dancing on a bright walk on the trail
Sound of waterfall, stream or a ocean at night
Sunset on Anjuna beach
Eating pineapple chunks sitting on a hammock in Goa
The smell of pine treess and collecting pine cones
Red halter dress with red ankle strap sandals...


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