Monday, April 03, 2006

Change is good right??

Got this cornea trouble and should not look at the computer screen - so I am looking at it for the insanest of reasons - BLOGGING! Well, what else am i supposed to do? Write my Phd? HMPPHHH!

Spent the whole day wondering how much life would change by the coming fall. I;ll be out of this lil place, into a real city again, away from the cosy comforts of this pretend city with its small downtown that ends before it starts, the hills, sheep and police records that have the most sensational news ranging from "blind llama discovered in Chesterfield Drive," to "a lone cow wondered into Route 91, the police herded it back to the farm."

Back to traffic jams, big buildings, many streets, many subways, nights full of concerts and pubs (I hope)! i wonder how it would be for A - LA and Boston are totally different - I worry how he would take to the change..The weather, the people, the weather, the new job, the weather!!


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