Saturday, April 01, 2006

Aao apne Vidyalaya ka: SPV in snapshots

Since I find myself very often searching for blogs on Sardar Patel Vidyalaya SPV - my school for 14 years of my life, i thought I should dedicate atleast one post to it! So if any of u SPV -lovers/nostalgic haters pop in , do leave a note :)

Some of my funnest memories of SPV are in Junior school - our little junior building with junior parks made the real "senior" school seem so formidable. My favorite parts (varied according to my age) were the jungle gym - it took me a long time to get enough courage to hold the bars and clamber down till the middle, but when I did it was a real thrill! Then ofcourse the swings - although I was scared of them as well (shites I think I was a poop in school!) - esp after I fell down and before I could recover the swing came and hit me on my head. More than the pain it was the embarassment that made me semi-traumatised for the rest fo my life!

Then there was Mala Mam (oops Aunty) who i loved and hated at the same time - she was a very different person then, very jovial, very unpredictable and a really energetic Home room teacher..., Shravat Aunty who we were all petrified off esp since she was notorious for boxing ears and throwing our noteboooks into the dustbin, that too from a distance, if we got our sums/tables wrong! I used to have nightmares about her till age 20...
Promila Aunty, who I adored, she must have been barely the age I am now, but she seemed so cosy mummy type then....

Lunch time in canteen when Narayan Bhaiya would serve us rajma/idli-sambhar, poha and lots of delicious stuff, and we had to raise our hands to ger seconds and show our empty plates as proof to the hoem room teacher that we were not wasting any food. And ofcourse there was chubby Prabhat who would keep eating hours after we had all packed up!

How can I forget Assembly time, although I think i enjoyed that more after coming to middle school when I got to sing in the choir. We had the most amazing collection of somgs for all seasons and all occasions. Remember the one on monsoon "Aaya saawan jhuki re badariya, meha barse re o bhaiyan.." that was one of my ever favorites, and for some reason the really moral preachy one "kaam shuru karte nahi bhaye se neeche log.." and "dakshini bayaar chali, dakshini bayar re" . I think I like the last one for vanity reasons - Uma bhai loved the way I sang this one, almost as much as he liked the singer of our class - Aditi! I beleive she has become a big shot dancer and has acted in some movie as well...

By class IX I had become a part of the bad girls - with the shortest skirts possible, hanging out and bunking classes with the bad boys (Rono, Deba, Akshat, Tirtho... that's all I remeber!). Ambu and I had this record of bunking every single english class in class XII till Princy called us in! We did teh same for Sanskrit classes with guruji - when Ambu and I would just sneak into the nursing home (what was it called?? which was run by Basu mam?), sit either on the stairs or lie down on the beds and chat till class ended! the few classes we did attend the only purpose was to "flirt" with the boys from C section (I think it was Gautam and Ambar and maybe someone else!)

It's strange that I don't feel insecure writing real names in this blog. I guess cos it was so so far back and all the names I mention have disappeared in space soemwhere! Class IX onwards were probably the best times I had in SPv- altho they were alos the most difficult times in terms of dicovering myslef. I wasn't sure whether I was the bad "smoker drinker short skirt" type or the good (read benji) type! I liked girls from both sides of this dichotomy - but I guess I schose to fit in the former. Ofcourse I never did make it to the real cream of the wanted girls - the twins and some more rich kids! It's hilarious when u think back about the things that mattered in school - whether u were buying a choco bar or a plain orange bar, whether u were cool enough to be loved by the school shrink, how many "boys" knew u existed, how many visits to Khan market Chonas and Pat-a cake did u make per month...!
Oh, how could I forget Sports week where my house - Neeti- always came last! It was one week of non stop fun - with the hot tents out in the sun and flags waving, kids running jumping screaming - and the march past Neeti house bae se tez chal, ek do ek...:)

Another cool thing SPV had was the "food festival" where people mostly parents I think would bring food from all parts of the country and as far as I can recall it was either very cheap or for free. Panna, bisibela hulianna (or soemthing to that effect!), shikhand, chaat, mmmmmmmmm I wonder if they still have that. And then on Basant Panchami we would get Makke ki roti and sarso ka saag?? I think I am hungry - and my memories are becoming too food-centric as a result!


Blogger silbil said...

much as i hated school i guess i was attached too...for sure i will keep on coming and adding memories here...
btw remember a former classmate apaar tuli?
check his web page it's really really cool and i am sighing with envy

10:10 PM  
Blogger sudo phish said...

oh my god SILBIL!! what the hell were we doing? why did we not grab the man - we would be happily in Zanzibar nu now :)
it's so wierd how ppl turn out later in life huh? keeep updating this blog whenevr u meet/hear of someone ok?
Was visiting chhaggu(Shruti) over the winters and she was chatting with Vicek Shankar and Shalin. And both sounded so CHANGED. I still imagine Shalinto be this grasshoppery hyper man - but he is this "settked" shaadi shuda type!!It was quite eerie

7:52 AM  
Blogger pinotio said...

on the subject of ppl turning out way cooler than the girls-in-the-too-short-skirts could ever have predicted: there is a guy who maxed bong class in Class VI (and gloated)- who is now a dj. maybe he is called DeeJay bong. his initials were DJ. Followed by Haldar- now dropped. FYI-all the guys who everyone drooled over, are changing nappies. And I can;t even remember their names!

8:49 PM  
Blogger ayenigam said... really junior to u.I just entered 11th.Anyway i just wanted to tell u that neeti is doing MUCH better now:) i was the vice captain in 04 and we came second..and the chant of ek do ek is still going on every december.U shud come visit.I bet school has changed alot

1:37 PM  
Blogger pallavi said...

OMG...yes thats it...i remember the name "mala aunty" but i cant seem to be able to remember her face!! what did she teach?
i left spv in 2001...when i was in the 7th...oooh rem the yucky custard they served with icky apple and banana pieces?

12:27 AM  
Blogger sudo phish said...

Pinotio: So maybe I should have stuck on with yellow dantu ? Who knows what he has become by now - Milind Soman@

Ayesha: Great to hear Neeti is doing better! It was actually quite fun to be 4th all the time - we were never aggressivley competitive like Jyoti and Shakti. Activity week was just pure fun for us! Yah, will visit SPV when I come to India next...

Pallavi: I guess since I passed out of school sooo many years ago, only the happy memories remain. Somehow those nasty custard and banana bits have been erased from my memory!

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Food Festival is still on and going strong.

38 stalls were there this time.

BTW The Brownies stall were celebrating their 10th Annniversary.

Chuski and Aam Panna seems to be the most famous...

1:15 AM  
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