Sunday, April 16, 2006

Boys Boys woh paagal larhke hee haa hoo

I dedicate this post to all the "boys" who I chased for whatever period of time, who either never gave me any bhaav or decided to chase me a bit too late! HOO HAHHAHA I swear I've never enjoyed writing a post more!

Amit Kumar - ahhh had forgotten the Kumar factor there... the boy of every girl's dream in class VIII. Tall dark and some semblence of hamdsomeness - actually I think the turn on factor was the semblence of stubble on him pretty early in life! It was a leadership training camp and we were playing one of those insane character-building games whne whoosh a 13 year old girl with purple glasses and frizzy hair realised that boys were not so ugly after all! But unfortunately the "love" died soon enough when Mr Macho Jr decided I was not worth talking to.. boo hoo

who was next in line?Ah ha - Anu would know this one. If she ever reads this blog! This was in the taekwando class we took together - this really "janitor" guy (our code name for bhai saab/unintel men/conservative men) what was his name now ... Rishabh? Hemant? who for some reason I took a fancy for... I guess he had a stubble as well or soemthing as inane! Or maybe he kicked the highest or yelled the loudest! Where is anu - she needs to help me out here WHAT WAS HIS NAME??

Hmm, then ofcourse was this 2 month phase (and now Nandu will recall this& laugh!) when I had a huge crush on Vivek.. Trust me I have my reasons for not giving more details! He was the quintessential macho man (howver macho u can be at age 15), going to the gym, very athletic and VERY DUMB. He would say really smart things like "The right girl is one who can dress up in a mini skirt when she is out with you and wear bangles when you take her to meet your mother". Oh okokok, I lied, he didn't say this at age 15 - but at age 18 but whatever! It's still PUKE PUKE BARF... I must confess the founders of my crush list were real sexist shit heads!

Then ofcourse came class 9 and my longest "love" factor Gautam! Ah the good old days of singing pehela pehala pyaar to the cooler - and now Ma baba are in splits laughing right! Hmm, I guess Gautam was the first real one on the list and the good thing was that we were pretty good friends (till ofcourse he confessed his love for another girl in our class to me in a fit of confess-it-all to your friend who unfortunately has a crush on you). I am sure he knew I liked him - I didn't really try to cover that up! I got great kicks out of staring at him in sociology class till it drove him insane! I was sooo bad!!! OH I love myself :)
I wonder where he is now - was quite fond of that guy... inspite of all his madness. (For any ONE getting fake jealous and hmmpphhy, this is 11 year old news!)

Then ofcourse came the waited for "Yellow dantu". My evil sister named him that cos of very obvious reasons! Well, in my defence, one of the heppest girls that too a year senior was dating this guy so I am not the only one blinded by the flash of yellow! It was fun times with him- altho he was the real "bhaalo chheley" (good boy) who would not even call cos "mumma said concentrate on your studies"...My first "date" at Pat- a -cake was quite cute, where we discussed future plans over a pastry! HAHAHAH. I believe he is here soemwhere in a business school or something. But I was never too fond of him so let's move on...

College time - was actually kind of boring in the begninning. Excpet for my professor who I was head over heels in love with - there was this fleeting crush over some Rishabh loser character. OH YEAH , now i remembered the name of the Taekwando guy - it was HRITESH!! Yippy it was driving me crazy not to be able to recall his name. Anu, am i right? Ok, coming back to college time - there was actually no crush at all if I think back. Yup, I was supposedly "seeing" KD but that was mostly out of peer group pressure than anything else. No. to be fair to our 6 month long "relationship" KD was a sweety but as an infamous saint Joshi once said "he is too juvenile for you. Just learning to discover himslef in your presence".. HEHEHEHEH you bet that made me feel good! (Joshi - hmm - was another worth mentioning character in my life. But then I never chased him so I guess that can be saved for later!)
By the way, altho' everyone would want me to believe I had a crush on Adil but sorry people not so... Your maine pyaar kiya bible lied " ek larhka aur ek larhki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte" turu turu ru ruru etc was proved wrong by us :P
The time period is getting too close for comfort so I will stop now and save the rest for my real diary!
...ofcourse feel free to add whoever I might have forgotten - in your comments!


Blogger silbil said...

there was another one in first year who used to play the gadha in the street play of players that year...i don't remember his real name but we called him pappu out of love hee hee
i think i am going to write a similar post on my anon blog
and i bet have the loooooooooongest list in the world ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha
and are u allowed to forget teachers?

8:18 PM  
Blogger sudo phish said...

gadha? Yaya I remember vaguely but was it BEFORE i joined Players? I think it was cos i dont recall his name! and I forgot anirvan!! i think he fit in between amit and hritesh (or whatver the taekwondo guy was) - does anu have a blog?

Teachers? I wrote about the prof I was in love with in college...or was i in love with more???

6:17 AM  
Blogger silbil said...

of course!!! how could i forget anirbaan...his herogiri...the stoic expression on his face when the iron plank fell on his head and he was that aroused more than just maternal instict in you...ha ha ha ha
and i gave a card on valentines day which i spent 25 mins making on his behalf couriered by kartikeya saboo so that it looks authentic and bet you believed it ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
and u fought with me because Vivek was talking to me on phone...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
such funny girls we were
lets also do it on PV8...

9:55 PM  
Blogger sudo phish said...

HAHHAHA You actually remebered the PV8 plank falling incident? That's EXACTLY what I reminded me that he shd be included in this blog in the first place.
Vaise why were u talking to vivek ?? how did u know him?? That's too funny ...
ok you do PV8 - don't forget Priyanka, her bro, saboo, anirvan, that short girl Saboo's sis and Monica (the girl who tucked in her sweater??)

6:53 AM  

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