Thursday, April 27, 2006

Loony bin Inc.

7 am. Phish to Phish

Good morning. (Feeling a bit pathetic about saying that to myself but...grin grin bear bear)
It's nice and sunny for a change. Hmm looks like it, but that's always a sharhyantra to get me out in my chaddi baniyan and then have me sneezing my eyes out...

Shits, I am talking to myself. It's okay, I am sure many international students sitting in aback-of-nowhere- town do that? Do they? I hope so.
I guess it's different for those who come and get sucked into the ethnic whirlpool and are "picked" by the existing men as the new bakri (fresh meat) in town. Uff, as if I ever wanted to be like them! "Kyu bhai, yaha aake hamare larhkio ke itne par kyu nikal aate hain? Cigarette daaru peene lagti hain!" That was my brutal introduction to the sciency types from Kanpur... Now I am being bitchy. Who is listening?

Let's see if anyone in India is up yet. Aiee shomaye? I doubt it.
Ma must be out for a walk, and rest of the gang must be slogging their ass off..
Maybe I could sleep a bit more. But then I'd feel guilty. A jog .
Discourse Analysis sounds too floofy for my taste. Should I make it content analysis instead? Or just do what i am good at, finding macro-micro political economy type angles?

Abe kutta kyu bhauk raha hai ab? OFFO... must be hungry. Sneeeze sniffle BACCHHOOO. Yaar why do these tissues stick to my nose?
Since when have I started getting allergies? I must be really turning Amrreekan!

Pia tose naina laage re (I don't sing that bad!). Let me try something english mein. Ummm. Summaar ti i i i me. Nah she sings too high.

Tea time mmmmm. Lopchu is what I need. Earl grey will do. Notun Gurere sondesh - have a craving for that suddenly. What was that story - where the mishti doi's harhi used to fill up on its own? That's what I need right now...

Shit I should get started on the paper draft. Yeh union baazi ka naatak na karke I should do what I am good at - nerdy behavior!
But those people have so much fun. Reminds me of Players days.

(Tui tui.. brain getting all nostalgic and eyes getting all teary. )
I can't believe I 've lost touch with almost all 40 of them. Is it me? But then would I want to go relive those days? I am not sure.
Gotto get my ass in line and stop these time wasting tactics.. EEPS no crackers??


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