Friday, August 08, 2008

At the zoo

Babies are funny, especially when the only interaction you have with them is like in a zoo, from behind a glass window. All you need to do is watch them play, no changing nappies or dealing with their temper tantrums. 
I have the luxury of doing that at this cafe, watch the babies when I take a mac break. And here are the top 3 on  my list today:

1. Korean baby in a pink dress, 3 months old, sucking on (believe it or not) her toe. Evidently it tastes pretty good cos she is cackling away at her
2. Korean baby elder sister in another pink dress, 2 years old, picking on (again believe it or not) bird poo under chairs. Well that does not taste as good as the toe cos baby 2 is now choking and crying at the same time. oops.  Am I supposed to  intervene at this stage?
3. American baby with a red baseball cap, 3 years old, on a high chair, multi tasking rather well. He is picking his nose, observing the product retrieved, at the same time singing to himself and kicking his mother.  Bravo.


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