Monday, October 16, 2006

Dairy Blues

I am so sick of eating no real food just dairy that I was just about to start howling. To prevent that embarrassment (I am in a library and a howling researcher wd have caused quite a stir!) I decided to write down my woes instead. The last proper meal I had was 72 hours ago. Bah.

And in any case am doing nothing constructive here – paid 20 bux to come here and there is an AC so I am moping around on the library chairs. Otherwise the day was fruitful- got a lot of interviews and am hoping to get a couple more tomorrow. Technically I should leave this place tomorrow but my damn tix are booked for the 15th. BAH BAH BAH. Maybe I shd check for last minute flight tix? Ok gtg and pretend that I am really interested in studying to the librarian. He is my self appointed moral guardian and looks at me very disapprovingly if I take a break or want to leave the library too early. I think he is under the illusion that I flew down from the US just to use this library…


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